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We are entering the 4th industrial revolution where the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres are blurred by the amalgamation of technologies across borders. We are constantly bombarded with infinite data, apps and devices in the cyber-physical sphere and it is not slowing down. Just writing the intro to the modern workplace and the dimension we find ourselves in is exhausting.

The new modern world is always mobile, always moving, always collaborating with a finite amount of time to keep up. In the next few editions of EQ, I will take you on a journey to discover the Modern Workplace and which technologies you can use to find your “proverbial modern feet” without being admitted to an asylum or staying behind.

Before we dive into the tech, lets first understand what I mean by the Modern Workplace. The workplace as we used to know it has undergone an enormous shift towards ubiquitous collaboration and the mobile workforce. Employees are now able to meet, work and collaborate on the same information from anywhere in the world without the need for offices or a physical presence. So how do we keep up with the Modern “Workplacians”… well… there is an app for that…

Microsoft Teams

Employees need to be able to work from any device throughout the workplace from anywhere in the world. Microsoft designed the Microsoft Teams application to do just that, it gives groups of people the ability to collaborate and co-create from one application. The integration between Teams and other Microsoft applications, that we use every day, is seamless and teams within the business now have one point of entry for all things workplace… It takes a village to turn ideas into money…

So what features can be used in Teams to make my life easier:

  • Communication Effectively

With the chat-based functionality that keeps your messages secure, your intellectual property your own and your history visible to newly added users, collaboration have become easier and more transparent within groups of employees. Employees also have the ability to meet online and record meetings and notes to allow other users to view the meeting later straight from the cloud.

  • Guest Access

Guest users can be added to your Team to ensure that users who reside on other tenants can collaborate with your team.

  • Collaboration

Users are able to co-author in real time on documentation, whether it is in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote.

  • Device Agnostic

Users can collaborate and co-create documents from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Security and Governance
    Microsoft Teams is Tier-D compliant which means that the application has industry-leading compliance commitments. All data in transit and rest is encrypted and team-wide two-factor authentication is enforced.

So, in conclusion, if you use the apps and remember to take a breather, the cyber-physical sphere can become a great opportunity rather than a threat? In the next edition we will look at other technology that you can use to turn your “modern feet” into “modern dancing feet”.

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